If you only have room in your life for one folk singer, make it Joan Shelley. The Louisville, Kentucky based artist’s music overflows with alluring melodies, gentle arrangements and simple yet powerful ruminations on the human condition and how we fit into the big picture. Live, Shelley is faithfully accompanied by world class acoustic guitar player Nathan Salsburg.

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This is the type that makes some of the horrific highlights on the news. By moving the knee and testing its motion, doctors can determine that the ACL has been damaged. Also, if there is blood found inside the knee joint, there is a 70 80% chance that the ACL is torn.

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What it comes down to is, I going to be confident sending my child or going to an event at school myself? Wolf said. If we can answer that question satisfactorily, we going to have trouble. Have been closed since March under Wolf orders to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus, keeping more than 1.7 million public school children home.

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There obviously a lot of issues with injury, amongst other things. I not the kind of guy who going to go out there and make excuses. I took it on the chin for what it was and moved on. Yeah, I saw how good that D was against Seattle. When their backup running back averaged 8.3 yrds per carry and their 3rd string running back averaged 5.8 yrds per carry. I don care how good their O is, at some point they are going to have to face GB, Sea, or Az and those will be tough matchups to win for them..

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